General conditions


The user of the services is any person, who in any way uses the website poglej.se (hereinafter to as user).


1. Provider assumes no responsibility for the views and opinions of third parties expressed on the side.

2. Provider reserves the right to edit, lock or delete content it deems to be inappropriate. Service for its decision is not obliged to explain.

3. Provider prohibits the use of words and phrases, both direct and indirect, to offend or to call any form of intolerance. The user must not post propaganda and advertising content. The user is also prohibited from acquiring, collecting and storing personal data or harassment of other users.

4. Service is committed to respecting the privacy of the users and their data will not be forwarded to third parties without the consent of the users. We reserve the right to use the information users need for their own analysis, so the user specifically agrees. The user is not required to disclose their identity unless they can choose to do so. Service is committed to ensure maximum privacy of any information, however, notes that the abuse potential, but will do everything in their power that they will avoid. Personal data of the users to protect services in accordance with the law on personal data protection.

5. Content and services available on the website poglej.se are the property of the provider and are subject to copyright and related rights. Their reproduction, distribution or use in whole or in part, for the purposes of third parties is prohibited without prior written consent of the provider.

6. We reserve the right to change the general conditions. This will be an appropriate way, inform the public. The amendment will be permanently available on website poglej.se.

7. Services in terms of protection personal data is expressly permitted by the user’s personal information acquired and processed by use of own account and at its discretion, it sends a notice in relation to their activity.

8. The user is aware that his arguments and comments on the website subject to criticism and comments of other users, so it was withdrawn the application against other users from your insults, non-pecuniary damage and the like.